Hello all who are interested in following Elder Mike Jones through his mission. I will be posting pictures, letters and thoughts on my missionary. A big thanks goes to The Donner family for all they have done.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sept 4 2010 to Josh

Hey Josh its Elder Jones. I'm in my first area (Willard, Missouri) and I was just wondering what was going on back home? Did you write my e-mail address on facebook? Can you get on again and get somebody's name and address for me? Look up Lorna Marcott (not sure if thats how you spell her last name) I want her mailing address so I can write her. So far I am out of money and wet cause it rains all day and its not normal rain, its pouring and some places are already flooded and its only 10 AM.
Love, Elder Jones

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