Hello all who are interested in following Elder Mike Jones through his mission. I will be posting pictures, letters and thoughts on my missionary. A big thanks goes to The Donner family for all they have done.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sept 13 e-mail home

First off to let you all know where the first part of this e-mail is coming from. About a week ago I sent off a package to Mike from an address he had sent home on a letter. He had the wrong zip so I called the mission home to verify his address and make sure it wasn't an apartment. A sweet lady named sister Thomas verified that he was in Willard Missouri but other than that had no idea where Mike was at. She told me "I'm sorry but I think we've lost your son". Not something a mom of a missionary our for just over a month wants to hear. :)

the address is: 8463 Bird Ln
Willard, MO 65781
I still have not gotten any packages im not sure when you sent them if they were sent back or if they got lost in the mail. Im hopin its not lost cause i do need the stuff. We are on Bird Ln. NOT hues road my companion called in the change like 2 times and they dont write it down or anything. we will get it changed today though. I had to buy my own bike stuff cause with the mail how im not getting anything i did need the stuff and i could not wait. even though i have a car in this area i have to have 5 biking days a month and my companion is the D.L. so he needs to train other people so i am often in another area with bikes. I get $130 a month. I bought a new belt but im so mad cause a week later i was not even pulling on it that hard to put it on and it snapped right through the leather part. I did not have the reciept so i will remember to keep those from now on. The people out here are super nice like i see some people who if i saw them in phoenix they would probably shoot me but here they will sit down with you and offer you a soda so they are nice good people. I saw someone who hates cats pick one up by the head and smach it into the side of his trailer house to kill it. the first baptism that i will help with will be in between conference on the 3 i think it is. im not sure who is baptising him though.
Love elder Jones

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