Hello all who are interested in following Elder Mike Jones through his mission. I will be posting pictures, letters and thoughts on my missionary. A big thanks goes to The Donner family for all they have done.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sorry it's taken me so long to get organized: First letter home.

Dear Mom
Hi. The MTC is tough. I hardly have any time to myself. I am studying, eating and sleeping all day. Sundays are one of the best days cause we go to all our meetings but we still get a chance to mess around too.
When I talked to Mike on the phone on Wednesday he said they did temple walks on Sunday. They were able to take pictures and enjoy the atmosphere. My companion gets on my nerves and has no sense of humor. Food is really good and I have had a lot of gas but missionaries are fine with it. Thanks for the letters. I do need some vitamin D and if you can get sea salt, our branch president said we need sea salt to stay healthy. When I talked to him on Wednesday he was sick but said he had been for a week and a half and was on the better side so I guess it takes awhile for the salt to work. Or maybe my chef just NEEDED his sea salt! Try to get my address to Abby and Kelly Wood too cause I got no letters from them. Putting it just how my boy put it. Tell the family I love them and will write soon.
Elder Jones

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